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Ask The Experts

Clients with Urinary Incontinence
A large part of our client population consists of elderly people who are facing problems that limit their lifestyle. People with incontinence, the involuntary loss of bladder or bowel control, shouldn't feel embarrassed or alone. It affects over 19 million people in North America. Some believe the cause is simply old age and there is absolutely nothing they can do to help the situation. But there are many steps that can be taken to remain confident and active. Here are just a few.

Remember, the first step is to see your health professional. He or she is best able to offer you specific advice related to your situation.

Drink enough fluids -- at least 50 ounces (about 6 1/2 cups) per day. Limiting daily fluid intake can actually worsen incontinence or lead to serious illness. Avoid beverages that can cause excessive urine production such as caffeine and alcohol, as well as beverages that can irritate the bladder-such as grapefruit juice and tomato-based products. Constipation can also contribute to bladder control problems. Eat foods that are high in fiber to help you stay regular.

As with many medical conditions, doctors are recognizing the importance of a positive attitude in managing incontinence. Remain active and stay involved with family and friends so you'll feel good about yourself.

To avoid infection of the urinary tract always remember to wipe front to back and change your incontinent pads often. It is cheaper to change the pads than to treat a urinary tract infection that may turn into something more serious. As always wash your hands frequently.
We realize that incontinence of bowel or bladder could be a problem that limits your activity or causes low self-esteem. Sitters and More would like to help you or your family member in any situation. Our RN’s can assess and assist you in any area that may be affecting your life style.
Please feel free to call 1-731-660-0001 or 1-615-309-9368
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